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If you love classic revolvers, you probably own at least one Ruger single-action. Over time, the factory-made base pin latches will wear down. That's where Belt Mountain Enterprises, Inc. comes in. We carry base pins and latches to improve your gun's performance.

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3 reasons to order from Belt Mountain Enterprises

We offer specialized gun replacement parts and upgrades online to save you time and money. Ordering through our website or the mail is:


You can order from the comfort of your home.


We pass our low overhead savings on to you.


We've been making customers happy for over 20 years.

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See the advantages of ordering online

Belt Mountain Enterprises doesn't maintain a physical location. This means we don't add any mark-ups to cover overhead costs. It also means you don't have to spend any time driving to a shop to see whether or not the part you need is in stock. Find the parts you need online, and we'll ship them to you quickly.

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