Improve Control and Cylinder Stabilization

Order base pins for Ruger single-action revolvers

Gun enthusiasts know that customization is the only way to carry. Belt Mountain Enterprises, Inc. carries accessories for Ruger single-action revolvers. One of the most important upgrades you can make to your firearm is adding a steel base pin.

Base pins stabilize the cylinder and improve ejection. We make them easy to order and install. Your base pins will arrive with simple, self-guided instructions so you can customize your gun yourself.

We stock base pins for all Ruger models

We carry base pins in a variety of models and materials. Some of our most popular models are:

  • Bearcat: Super Bearcat and New Bearcat
  • Blackhawk: Old and new models
  • Vaquero: Standard and Sheriff's Model

We strive to keep shipping costs affordable. Use our order form to select the base pins you want so we can deliver them right to your door.