A+ customer service and turnaround. Was not expecting the part in my hand so soon, especially in this day and age. Will not hesitate to order again

Jon G.


Perfection, and the price is outstanding for what you receive, which is a work of art

Mark Skynar


I have Belt Mountain pins in several of my best six guns. They eliminate the problem of the base pin moving forward under recoil, and the oversize diameter of the pin, compared to the standard factory pin dimension, tightens cylinder play. I highly recommend Belt Mountain base pins.

Jeff Quinn


How many times have you chased a base pin that let fly under recoil in your Single Action Sixgun? I do a lot of shooting in sagebrush country and believe me if you lose a base pin in sagebrush, you LOSE a base pin. Enter Belt Mountain.

Kelye Schlepp has a better idea. His base pins are slightly oversize to take up some of the slop often found in cylinder to base pin fit PLUS they have a screw that enters from the bottom of the front of the pin to lock them in place. Presently he has pins in both blue and stainless for Ruger New Models as well as the blue pins for both Ruger Old Models and Colt Single Actions.

Brand new from Belt Mountain is the "#5" Base pin patterned after the pin that Elmer Keith designed for his #5SA .44 Special in 1927. This pin with a head made of concentric layers of increasingly larger and smaller discs , look at the picture so you can more easily see what I am talking about, really dress up and personalize a favorite sixgun. I have now put them on a 10" .357 Blackhawk Flat-Top, a New Model Bisley .45 Colt, an Old Model .45 Blackhawk, and a Colt Single Action New Frontier .44 Special.

Great Guns all made better!! I recommend Belt Mountain Pins highly.

John Taffin


I have been using Belt Mountain Base Pins for some time and have found them superior in every way. If you have ever had a pin jump loose under recoil you know how frustrating that can be. The Belt Mountain Pins will cure that problem.

Now Belt Mountain has come out with what I consider to be the best design ever. While it not a complete copy of the pin that Elmer designed for his #5 Colt, the design of the head is like the original. Elmer first designed it to enable him to get the pin out easily when the gun was dirty....or during the winter when his fingers were cold. I have to say, it is easy to get a hold on this pin. Like most things Elmer did, the design is right.

I love this new pin.....of course, I have long been a fan of all things "Elmer" ....but I must say, this pin does work!

Jim Taylor


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